Lifting Magnet Permanent


Permanent Lifting magnets aka manual lifting magnets, include our BHP, BHP-HT & BHP-TF. These are mechanically activated PLM's. No Electricity required.

Yellow round lifting Electromagnet


There are no permanent magnets in an electromagnet. A magnetic field is created when an electric current passes through a coil. Great option for scrap handling.

Electropermanent lifting magnet with 1000lbs capacity


If you are looking for an extra safety element, then an electro-permanent lifting magnet could be a good choice. Electricity is only needed when magnetizing or demagnetizing.

Permanent LIFTiNG Options

Lifting Magnet Permanent


A Braillon Magnetics classic. The BHP permanent magnet is our German made lifting magnet with lifting capabilities of up to 11,000lbs (5000kg)

Permanent lifting magnet for hot parts


BHP-HOT magnets can operate in high temperatures of up to 480°F (250°C). Lift up to 880 lbs (400kg).

Permanent lifting magnet for thin sheet application


Specially designed for lifting of thin sheet metal. A special pole shoe allows the BHP-TF to provide low magnetic field for thin parts.


Yellow lifting electromagnet type emc


For lifting of small bulk material or steel plates, Great high holding force on flat materials, just make sure the part is bigger then magnet.

Yellow round lifting Electromagnet

K Series

Integrated controls on the K series allow the operator to turn on or off this electromagnetic lifting magnet on the magnet with ease. 230V.

EMR Yellow Braillon lifting magnet

EMR Series

The EMR electromagnetic bipolar system. Check out our many sizes and options are available., or customize them.

Electro-permanent Lifting options

Lifting magnet Electro permanent type EPN


Braillon magnetics has perfected the Electro-permanent lifting system over many years. Take a look at the heavy duty lifting magnets EPN Series

Electro-permanent magnets Battery operated lifting magnet 8 ton capacity


Need more flexibility around the shop or the yard? These Electro-permanent battery powered lifting magnets are a great option. Up to 8 Ton!

Pepi electropermanent lifting magnet with intergrated controls


Electro-permanent magnetic lifters type PEPi have integrated controls on top of the unit. No need for remote controls. Just plug and play.


Custom Spreader beam with BHP lifting magnets


We can customize any of our magnets with spreader beams. This one has 2 of our permanent lift magnets type BHP. Easy to operate.

BHP RO Horizontal to vertical permanent lifting magnet


If you are looking to lift a part into a vertical position with your magnet. We have special attachments to customize the magnet.

End of arm magnetic solution for your automation needs


The world of automation keeps growing everyday. Customers require custom a end of arm tooling solutions. The PEP EOT is a great option.


1. Check the condition of the magnet each time before use. Wipe the poles of the magnet and make sure the
contact surface of the workpiece is clean and dry. If necessary file off any burrs or irregularities.

2. Place the magnet on the workpiece and position the magnet in such a manner that it remains horizontal during lifting
(determine the center of gravity of the workpiece as accurately as possible).

3. a) For permanent lifting magnets Grab the handle and switch the magnet on by moving the handle by about 135° until the safety device
locks the handle into the magnetized position, to prevent the magnet from getting deactivated. Now
the handle can be released.

b) For Electromagnetic or Electropermanent systems. Follow the steps listed in your remote control manual.

4. Lift the load a few inches and give it a firm push to ensure that it is well gripped. Never stand
under the load !!

5. Guide the load by pushing the corners. Avoid collisions, swinging and shocks. Never stand under the
load and keep the load horizontal !

6. Place the load carefully on a perfectly stable surface. Grasp the handle and unlock the safety device. Deactivate the
magnet by bringing the handle back into its initial position (permanent systems), until the end stop. Only
now the handle can be released. For Electro systems follow your remote control guidelines.


. Before each use:
Check the entire magnet visually. Brush the pole faces of the magnet clean. If necessary file
off any burrs or irregularities. Do not use the magnet if you have discovered any defects.
Check the operation of the handle and the safety locking system.
. Weekly:
Check the entire magnet for deformities, cracks or other defects. If the lifting eye is
deformed or more than 10% worn off, if should be replaced. Check the presence and
legibility of the type/instruction plate. Check the poles.
If they have any defects, the magnet should be returned to your supplier for regrinding and change the listed rated lifting capacity if needed.
. Annually:
Have the rated lifting capacity of your magnet checked by your supplier or an authorized agent at
least once a year.

Master Control units




A lift magnet aka lifting magnet is a bellow the hook device that allows steel parts or plates to be lifted by the power of magnetism. It typically is manufactured using electromagnetic, permanent or electro-permanent magnetic technology. Often used to move heavy metal plates bars, ingots and rails.  All Braillon Magnetic bellow the hook systems have a 3:1 safety factor. (Example: 1Ton capacity magnet is Tested for at Least a 3Ton capability.)

Yes. For some people, the thought of using a lifting can be scary. Since the magnetic field is not visible with the naked eye, our brains tend to not trust it. It is obviously important to follow safety procedure listed in the owner manual. Each one of our magnets are tested to meet a 3 to 1 safety ratio. So for example: Our 100lbs lifting magnet has actually been tested for at least a 300lbs capacity.

Braillon Magnetics manufactures all electromagnetic and electro-permanent magnetic systems in Montmelian, France. All permanent lift magnets are manufactured in Germany.

There are 3 magnetic technologies used for a lift magnet; Electromagnetic, electro-permanent and permanent. Most common smaller lift magnets are made of permanent magnetic material, these will not lose their magnetism, however it is mechanically activated and deactivated. An electromagnet can have a coil burn out, in that case it will lose its capacity to create a magnet field. An Electro-Permanent magnet will always remain in the last state it was cycled in before the coil burned out. 

When it comes to lifting and moving heavy steel objects, a lifting magnet can be an invaluable tool. However, choosing the right size lifting magnet is crucial to ensuring both safety and effectiveness in your application.

One important factor to consider when choosing a lifting option, the load rating. This refers to the maximum weight that the magnet can safely lift. It’s essential to select a magnet with a load rating that is suitable for the weight of the object you want to lift.

Another important consideration is the size and shape of the steel object you want to lift. Different magnets have different maximum safety lengths and weight capacities for round or flat steel, and some may not work on surfaces with waffle patterns. In addition, if the steel object is longer than the stated maximum safety length, you may need to use two lifters on a spreader bar.

It’s also important to consider any surface coatings on the steel object, such as paint. In some cases, you may need to choose a larger size lifting magnet to accommodate thicker coatings.

Safety features are another important consideration when choosing a lifting magnet. All lifting magnets should have locking handles and a 3x safety rating, which means that under perfect conditions, the magnet can hold three times its rated load. This is a safety feature designed to prevent users from overstepping the limitations of the magnet.

Finally, it’s important to consider the operating conditions of the lifting magnet, such as the maximum temperature it can withstand. Neodymium magnets, which are commonly used in modern magnetic lifters, can typically withstand temperatures up to 80°C before they begin to lose their magnetic properties. Higher temperatures are achievable with our HT product line, as we use Alnico magnets that have a higher heat resistance.

At our company, we stock a wide range of lifting magnets in various sizes and load capacities to suit your specific needs. If you have any questions about choosing the right size lifting magnet for your application, don’t hesitate to contact us.