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A magnetic chuck on your vertical or horizontal mill can be a huge time saver. You will gain the ability to work in true 5 axis form. The tool path of your mill will no longer have to take into account clearance for a vise. You can even use pole extensions to lift the part and have Z access through the part. We take pride in manufacturing many options for our customers that mill different size parts. 

Surface grinding APPLICATIONS

A surface grinder without a magnetic chuck is incomplete in many applications. An Electromagnetic, Electro-permanent or even permanent mag chuck are going to allow customers to hold their steel parts during the surface grinding process.  


If you manufacture circular parts then you may want to take a look at our line rotary chucks. For ID/OD Turning or grinding. The magnetic circular chucks are available in Electromagnetic, ElectroPermanent, and Permanent. Great for your Lathe or Blanchard grinders. For non-magnetic parts we have vacuum options


Do you EDM? Magnetic workholding options are available. Not all magnets are made equal. You will need a magnetic chuck with a low magnetic field. A low magnetic field will help avoid pitting by allowing material to evacuate properly and not sticking to the part. A low field magnetic chuck will still provide enough force to hold part for the EDM process.


Our state of the art demagnetizers are custom made and fitted to your needs. Braillon magnetics provides a great pick of Table top systems, Tunnels and hand held demagnetizers. Demagnetize in production setup or just one offs, your choice. Do you demagnetize baskets full of small parts? Let us automate a custom conveyor system for you.