Blue Tabletop demagnetizer

Tabletop Demagnetizers

Great choice of tabletop demagnetizers. Many different sizes are available.


Tunnel Demagnetizers

We manufacture 2 different types of tunnel demagnetizers, the DT and T series. Each have a different form and size option.

Custom demagnetizer system by braillon magnetics

Custom Demagnetizers

Over the years we have manufactured several custom demagnetizer systems. The bearing manufacturing industry, the spring industry, railway and much much more.


In order to demagnetize a component, it is necessary to subject it to an alternating and decreasing magnetic field. The variations of the magnetic induction B in accordance with the magnetic field H are illustrated by a <<hysteresis loop>>. From this can be seen that B retains a certain value (residual magnetization) even when H is zero. Successive reversals of the field which gradually decreases, enable to reduce the induction until almost zero.
The reduction of the field is obtained:
– automatically with a decreasing-circuit device (decreasing induction),
– by moving the part slowly at a constant speed over the surface of a platen demagnetizer,
– by moving the part slowly at a constant speed away from the center of a demagnetizer tunnel.

How to pick the right demagnetizer?

Shape, dimensions, steel quality of the components that have to be demagnetised as well as the duty cycle of the demagnetiser contain the necessary information to solve demagnetising problems.
The length of the components that are to be treated is not very important. It is only necessary that they be narrower than the tabletop demagnetizer or the opening of the tunnel demagnetizer.

In order to demagnetize parts which are wider than the standard platen widths it is possible to mount several demagnetizers side by side. However, whether to select a tabletop or a tunnel will depend on the thickness of the component.
To demagnetize bulky components, we recommended the use of a tunnel demagnetizer which acts upon the whole of these parts, from the periphery to the very heart of the material.

Continuous duty means a low induction and field intensity. Intermittent duty means high induction and intensity; this duty is defined in percentage of the total cycle time.
Example: Duty 25 %: on 1 mn + off 3 mn = cycle 4 mn.

How to use a demagnetizer?

It is essential that the component be moved over the demagnetizer at a slow and constant speed across the poles of the platen. In order to avoid incomplete demagnetizing, the component must be moved away as far as possible from the demagnetizing device at the end of the operation.
Also, the current supply must not be interrupted during the cycle. For large, bulky components, the operation must be repeated several times.

What is a demagnetizer?

A demagnetizer will  usually come in form of a tunnel, tabletop or a handheld wand. Simply put, the job of a demagnetizer is to remove magnetism from a part through the process of demagnetization. To do so, the demagnetizer must induce an alternating and decreasing magnetic field into the part. This can be done two different ways:

1. Moving the part through a demagnetizer tabletop or tunnel, at a constant & slow speed.

2. Placing part in a demagnetizer that has a programable alternating field via an impulse control unit.

Tabletop demagnetizer options

Blue Tabletop demagnetizer


The Reinforced tabletop Demagnetizer type DP is Heavy duty and Innovative . Extremely efficient automatic adjustment of magnetic field intensity depending on workpiece. Great for parts 2 inches thick and under. . For bigger workpieces, we recommend tunnel demagnetizers.



Unlike the DP Series which has 100% duty cycle. This light duty demagnetizer is great for one off's and non production use. However the DM series is a great economical option for many of our customers.

Tunnel demagnetizer options


T Series

The Tunnel Demagnetizer T series are Heavy duty and Waterproof. Designed for 100% duty cycle. The Coil is encapsulated in a high performance epoxy resin. Sizes start at 180x180mm up to 600x420mm mouth opening.

Tunnel demagnetizer DT series

DT Series

The Tunnel Demagnetizer type DT is Heavy duty Waterproof. Designed for continuous operation cycle . The Coil encapsulated in a high performance epoxy resin. Sizes available up to a 150x100mm to 750x550 opening.

Custom demagnetizer options


Low frequency generator

A low frequency generator can be added to our demagnetizers. This option will help you to reach a deep demagnetization cycle for those thicker, harder parts or for bulk demagnetizing.

Custom demagnetizer system by braillon magnetics

Custom Conveyors

Different size parts call for different types of conveyors. We can customize a demagnetizer system with automated belts or rollers. From light to heavy duty options.


Impulse control unit

Use an impulse control unit to program the demagnetizer with an alternating and decreasing magnetic field. This allows you to simply place your part in the demagnetizer without having to move the part via conveyor. Just run the program.