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Magnetism since 1921

About us

Since 1921, we have gained expert knowledge in all magnetic applications: Magnetic workholding for machine tools, quick mold changing systems on high-temperature presses, lifting magnets for ferrous material handling, contactless magnetic drive systems, Vacuum chucks, demagnetizers, and we offer a wide range of magnetic accessories.

Our plant in France proudly exports more than 75 percent of our products around the world. Braillon magnetic products are being used in all of Europe, Asia, North America, Central, and South America…

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Braillon Magnetic Systems Inc. was established in 2013 in the greater Chicago area. Sales and services are offered throughout the United States by our qualified team members.

Other locations and presence across the globe include:



We proudly support all our US-based customers in any way we can. Our Services Include:


Taking advantage of our many years of experience, BRAILLON MAGNETICS can help with a wide range of Permanent, Electro-Permanent, and electromagnetic products. Standard and custom applications, including :



We are excited and working towards having manufacturing handled in the United States soon. Until then, our magnetic chucks and lifting magnets are made in our plants located in France and Germany. Our plant capabilities include:

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