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Since 1921, Braillon Magnetic Systems has become a trusted expert in various industrial magnetic applications, including magnetic workholding for machine tools, quick mold changing systems, lifting magnets for ferrous material handling, contactless magnetic drive systems, vacuum chucks, and demagnetizers. We also offer a diverse range of magnetic accessories.

Our manufacturing facility in France proudly exports over 75 percent of our products worldwide, serving clients across Europe, Asia, North America, Central, and South America. Braillon magnetic products are widely utilized in diverse industrial settings.

Braillon Magnetic Systems Inc. (Braillon-USA) takes pride in being the dedicated distributor for American markets. With a presence in the suburbs of Chicago for nearly a decade, we continue to provide quality magnetic solutions to our customers.

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Braillon Magnetic Systems Inc. was established in 2013 in the greater Chicago area. Sales and services are offered throughout the United States by our qualified team members.

Other locations and presence across the globe include:


We proudly support all our US-based customers in any way we can. Our Services Include:


Taking advantage of our many years of experience, BRAILLON MAGNETICS can help with a wide range of Permanent, Electro-Permanent, and electromagnetic products. Standard and custom applications, including :



We are excited and working towards having manufacturing handled in the United States soon. Until then, our magnetic chucks and lifting magnets are made in our plants located in France and Germany. Our plant capabilities include:


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Paul Tabailloux

Chief Operating Officer

Paul serves as the Chief Operating Officer and a part-owner at Braillon Magnetic Systems Inc. He became a part of the team in 2013, dedicating a year to working at the company's manufacturing site located in the picturesque French Alps. In 2014, he returned to the United States, playing a pivotal role in establishing the American branch of the company. Currently, Paul is focused on broadening the company's presence in the US market, a challenge he has embraced by taking charge of sales management. Leveraging his substantial knowledge and experience in the industrial magnetic sector, Paul is resolutely committed to ensuring the brand's successful expansion. A firm believer in teamwork, he consistently collaborates with the manufacturing team to foster the company's growth and prosperity.

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Hubert Burlat

Chief Executive Officer

Hubert, a seasoned professional with extensive experience spanning several decades in the industrial magnetic field, has established and managed numerous companies across various countries, including France, Germany, and the United States. He holds the position of CEO at Braillon Magnetics in France and Braillon Magnetic Systems Inc. in the USA. Hubert's primary mission is to showcase the excellence of the Braillon Magnetics brand to the industrial sector. Since 2013, he has been working closely with Paul Tabailloux to expand the brand's footprint in the US market. His ambition is to propel the company's growth globally and ensure the delivery of high-quality products, thereby assisting manufacturing companies in acquiring the appropriate magnetic equipment.

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