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Control Unit & Magnet Diagnostics

As of 2020 we have New state of the art control units that will fit any brand name magnetic chuck you have. Engineered by our years of experience.

Control unit for magnet


Valuable consulting is always a available. Contact our knowledgeable team today for some great magnetic advise. As of 2021, Braillon Magnetics is 100 years old. Years and years of magnetic application know how under the belt.

Lifting Magnet Testing

In house bench testing for all lifting magnets. Reduce your down time and we will travel to your location with our bench testing equipment.

Lifting Magnet Testing Bench


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Control unit diagnostics. Magnetic Consulting. Lifting Magnet testing.


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What Customers Say

I have been using the magnet for a few days now. I love it. Great holding power. Easy to keep clean. Chips fly off the block well. Large area, but still easy to energize. All in all, a much better option for the application at hand.

you have a satisfied customer. thank you


Thank you for helping me so fast with our old control unit problems. Great service.

You were able to diagnose the problem over the phone, and I can't believe it worked!

Time is money, we will purchase again.


The demagnetizers have been working 24/7 on our shop floor and they are running very smooth. 

It was a complex piece of automation, thank you for your patience on this application. The final drawing was perfect.