Return Policy

Return policy for Braillon Magnetic Systems:

1. Modifications:

– Should the Buyer wish to modify the Product post the acceptance of the purchase order, the Braillon Magnetic Systems Inc. will present an updated proposal. This proposal will detail any alterations in price or delivery timelines stemming from the requested modification. This change will only be considered valid once the Buyer places an order in alignment with the updated proposal. For any cancellations, the Buyer is obliged to cover a cancellation fee, which accounts for:
– All costs the Company has borne until that point, including but not limited to design, engineering, materials, administration, and a 20% overhead on the purchase price.
– All engagements the Company has undertaken concerning the order, excluding standard components and salvageable material, as decided solely by the Company.

2. Special or Custom Orders:

– Products labeled as “Special”, “Custom” or “Made to Order” are non-cancelable post the Company’s acceptance, unless the purchase price is fully paid by the Buyer.

3. Returns on Stocked Items:

– Braillon Magnetic Systems Inc. permits returns on certain stocked items, subject to a minimum restocking fee of 25% of the purchase cost. Braillon reserves the right to determine whether a product is eligible for return. If the Buyer believes a product may be eligible for return, they must consult the Company before initiating the return process. The returned product should:
– Be in pristine condition and sent back within 30 days of dispatch.
– Be subjected to inspection upon its arrival at the Company. If refurbishing is necessary, the costs of labor and materials will be added to the original restocking fee. The Company will communicate the total restocking fee before reintroducing the item into stock.
– Be shipped back to the Buyer if they prefer, after an inspection fee of $125 and freight charges, instead of restocking it.

This revised policy aims to maintain clarity and streamline understanding for both the Company and its customers.

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