Best 3 types of vacuum chucks

Vacuum chucks


Simply run the rubber gasket into the milled surface grid, trace the perimeter of your part shape. A secure way to hold irregular shapes.

vacuum chuck with porous aluminum top plate

Porous Metal Vacuum chuck

A porous aluminum is used for the top of this vacuum chuck. Great option to keep an even suction of thin flat parts.

Large vacuum table with rubber mats

Rubber mat vacuum chuck

The rubber mat vacuum chuck is a great choice for parts that are uneven. Small pores and suction cups in the mat allow part flexibility.

What is a vacuum chuck?

A vacuum chuck is a device that uses vacuum suction to hold a workpiece in place while it is being machined or worked on.

It typically consists of a steel or aluminum plate with a series of small holes drilled through it, which are connected to a vacuum pump.

The workpiece is placed on the vacuum chuck, and the vacuum pump is turned on to create suction through the holes, holding the workpiece securely in place.

Vacuum chucks are commonly used in woodworking, metalworking, and other manufacturing processes where a secure hold is needed to work on a piece without damaging it.

Applications with a vacuum chuck include Milling, Surface grinding, EDM, Engraving and Polishing.

Braillon offer 3 common types of vacuum tables. Grid & Gasket, Porous Aluminum and rubber mat vacuum chucks.



Available in aluminum or steel. The VRS is atop of the line vacuum chuck that uses the grid and gasket system. Grid is milled in 12.5mm or 25mm spacing.

rotary 12 inch diameter vacuum chuck for ID OD grinding and turning


The VRFP grid is a round vacuum chuck. The circular shape of this vacuum chuck is a great option for rotary workholding.

Porous Metal Vacuum chucks

vacuum chuck with porous aluminum top plate


The VMS is a Sintered metal type vacuum chuck. It is Ideal for machining or holding thin elements (below 0.5 mm thick). Suitable for non-magnetic materials like glass, ceramics, plastic.

Rubber mat vacuum chucks

640 by 480 inch vacuum table with blue suction mat


The VMT vacuum chuck is made of aluminum, it uses rubber suction mats. Ideal for cutting out of steel or plastic sheet elements . Rubber mats is a consumable item.

custom Aluminum vacuum table


The VMR uses a blank rubber mat on top of it. Holes are made in the rubber mat where the part will be in contact. Great flexibility and simple to setup.

How is the vacuum created for the vacuum chuck?

There are 2 main options that allow you to create a vacuum for the chuck. 1. A Vacuum pump. 2. A venturi. A venturi is powered by an air compressor.

What material is a vacuum chuck made of?

Usually vacuum chucks are made of Alumnium to keep them light in weight. The vacuum chucks can also have a steel base added to them, which allows for easy clamping on magnetic chuck if needed.

What applications are vacuum chucks used for?

A vacuum chuck can be used for Milling, Surface grinding engraving and many more applications. see some pictures in our application gallery.