Electromagnetic chuck CONTROL UNITS, Control Units For Magnetic Chucks

What makes our control unit so special?


electro-permanent chuck control units -easy form by Braillon USA

Do you have an electropermanent magnet? Do you need to upgrade or replace the control unit for it? If so, then Braillon Magnetics has worked hard to develop a control unit that will work with any of our competitor brands and give you the flexibility you need to magnetize or demagnetize your electro-permanent magnets. All we need is a few pieces of information from you: 

  1. What AC Voltage does your shop have available?  
  2. What is the DC Input voltage to the magnet?
  3. What is the electrical resistance or amperage of your magnet? 
  4. Just complete the following easy form and get started!

The Braillon MC20 Master control unit was brought to life in 2020. This electro-permanent chuck control is the top of line designed specifically for electro-permanent magnetic chucks. A mag chuck controller that can do it all, it offers full diagnostics, complete precision control, PLC integration, variable control and much much more. This mag chuck controller will help you get the job done. Braillon has ove 100 years of working in the industry and has worked hard to meet our customer needs. 

electro-permanent chuck control

If you have an electropermanent magnetic chuck or lifting magnet of any brand or style, this control unit will work for you. However, if you have an electromagnetic chuck, this control unit will not.

We created an easy form for our customers. The easy form will ask for a few simple pieces of info concerning you shop voltage (AC) and your Magnetic chuck input (DC) voltage. The resistance and amperage of your magnet will be needed as well. With this information, we will be able to provide and program the control unit for your particular magnet.

Yes, it is very important that you make sure your magnet is in good working order before you try a hooking up a new control unit to it. If the electro-permanent magnet is bad, then you will risk damaging the new control unit. So, make sure the resistance and insulation is good prior purchasing a new control. 

No difference, they are the same thing. “EPM chuck” is just an other way to say electro- permanent magnet. So to be clear this page is an epm chuck controller.