Permanent Lifting Magnet – 500kg (1100lbs)


Permanent lifting magnets utilize rare earth Neodymium to create a powerful consistent magnetic field, allowing for the lifting and handling of ferromagnetic materials of up to 500kg  (1100lbs) without the need for external power sources. Up to 475lbs on round (1.18 to 7.09″ diameter).


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The BHP500 Permanent Lifting Magnet – 500kg (1100lbs) utilize permanent magnetic material to create a consistent and steady magnetic field, allowing for the lifting and handling of ferromagnetic materials without the need for external power sources. Lifting capabilities 500kg (1100lbs) on Flat. Up to 110lbs on round parts (1.18 to 7.87″ diameter).


1. Consistent Strength: Once activated, they provide a consistent and unyielding magnetic force, ensuring reliable lifts every time.

2. No Power Requirement: Unlike their electromagnetic counterparts, permanent lifting magnets do not require electricity to operate, eliminating the risks associated with power interruptions.

3. Safety: In the event of power loss or system failures, these magnets remain active, ensuring the load remains secure. All our Permanent lifting magnets are bench tested for 3x their capacity. Example: 100kg magnet is tested for 300kg and above.

4. Cost-Efficient: With no power consumption and minimal maintenance needs, permanent lifting magnets often result in lower operational costs over time.

5. Simplicity and Ease of Use: With straightforward operation mechanisms, these magnets are user-friendly and can be activated or deactivated with ease. Simply turn the lever over until the safety snaps or clicks over it.

6. Compact Design: Generally, they have a more compact and robust design compared to other lifting solutions, making them ideal for spaces with limited room.

7. Durability: Made in Germany with high-quality rare earth magnets, these magnets are built to last and can withstand challenging industrial environments.

8. Environmentally Friendly: Without the need for batteries or electricity, they have a smaller carbon footprint compared to other lifting solutions.

9. Versatility: Suitable for a variety of applications, from workshops to large-scale industrial operations. Ask us to customize the pole shoes to fit your particular parts.

Incorporating permanent lifting magnets into your workflow ensures efficiency, safety, and reliability, making them a favored choice for many in the heavy-lifting sector.