mattison surface grinder with new mag chuck controller

Neutrofier chuck control unit swap on old mattison

Neutrofier ii


This older electromagnetic control unit has seen better days. Unfortunately for my customer, it needed to be replaced. Braillon Magnetics set him up with our IBUET controller to keep him going for many more years to come.

3000W electromagnetic chuck controller

NEW iBUET controller

Once the customer provided us with information of his magnetic chuck (Resistance, Amps, Voltage and Power) we were able to point him towards our sate of the Art iBUET electromagnetic chuck controller.

Why updating your magnet controller is crucial

  • Older technology and the risk of failure: We all know that an electromagnetic chuck is dependent on constant power to hold the part. If the controller fails, the parts on your grinder may fly off your mattison grinder, which could damage the machine or even worse, injure someone. Make sure your control unit offers a safety that will send information to shut off the machine in case of power loss.
  • Costs associated with sticking to old technology: Don’t wait for old tech to fail. If the sound of machines can not be heard during shop hours, you know you are losing money. So have a back up, or upgrade to new gear that will last you years to come. 
  • Some old units are incompatible with modern industrial needs: We can retrofit a mattison but If needed our Magnet Controls also have great features such as full PLC integration options. You can program the control unit via USB and keep multiple programs loaded and saved into our remote control type T20 with screen. You can also select and control multiple chucks. 


  •  Parts for older Electro-matic mag chuck controllers have been getting more and more difficult to find, as of August of 2023. Hopefully we can fill a need for our customers here in the united states and abroad who are having issues with their older magnetic chuck control units.

OUR iBUET Control unit solution

  • Introduction to IBUET control units: The recently released iBUET control unit by Braillon Magnetics has been a game changer for the industry. Enabling customers to replace old magnet controllers of all brands and power (up to 6600Watts). Save programs into the remote control. Update or change programs remotely via USB. American customer service out of our Chicago offices has also been a huge help to our US based customers. 
  • Unique features that set it apart: Full demagnetization capabilities allow for the parts to be fully demagnetized after being held by electromagnetic chuck. If you need to work with only the residual magnetism, not a problem, Its capable of doing that for you. A remote control with a screen that also provides information on any of faults from the machine or power source. The PLC option is integrated into all our iBUET controllers.
  • Compatibility with older and newer machines: From your old Mattison surface grinder type or Blanchard style rotary grinders all the way to any new CNC type machines that are available today. We have a solution to all machines and brands out there.


Braillon has tried to simplify the process for our customer looking to buy and replace their older mag chuck controllers. First you will need to make sure that the magnet is not shorted, so you will need to do Meg test. If the Chuck is good and not shorted then we will need some to know the following information:

  • Your Chuck Voltage  (VDC)
  • Your Shops Voltage (VAC)
  • Watts
  • Amps
If you need help figuring these out just got you our dedicated page to our electromagnetic control units page and check out our Ohm’s law calculator.

iBUET Control units

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